Test Your Kanji ... Fast

JiKen is a kanji test that uses machine learning to ask you only the kanji relevant to you.

After only 10 kanji, it guesses how many words you know. Keep answering for more accurate results!

Your Results page will have a study list to help prepare for Kanken or JLPT. You can bookmark them for later or share your results and challenge friends.

NEW: Host moved to Fly.io be sure to set bookmarks to https://jiken.fly.dev/

Book Check lets you analyze books/text and builds a custom study list.

Anki: You can now download an anki deck or pdf study list from your results page.

ENTest: Test your English vocabulary here!!

How do I know if "I know"?
Set your own standards, the results will match accordingly. If you test for "I know a reading but not the meaning...." then that's what the results will represent.
Who is this site for?
Everyone that knows some kanji! Japanese learners can use it to track their studies for JLPT/Kanken and native speakers can slake their curiosity and find out how many kanji they know. The results section with missed kanji gives everyone a chance to improve no matter what their level is. In general though, the algorithm works best for people that know 100~4000 kanji.
How many kanji are there?
While there are many thousands in reality, this app looks at only 6753.
How long are tests saved?
The server saves the last 10,000 tests for space reasons. If your old test record vanished, that means 10,000 tests have been taken since then.
What about testing English Vocab?
Ok, maybe this one wasn't frequently asked. But if you are interested in a similar test for English, check out EnTest. EnTest is actually a spinoff of this site!
How does it work?
The system continuously reranks every single kanji from easy "人" to hard "鱜". It asks questions to find out what difficulty kanji you know, how varied you are, and then presents an estimate. Check the Github for more details.


Answer 10 questions and find out how many kanji you know. (Answer more for higher accuracy)

Answer 10 to start. Keep going for a more accurate estimate!

Controls: [←] Know, [→] Don't Know, [↓]/[TAP] Flip card


Starts with a basic 10 question test and then it drills you on kanji you should be studying.


Input text, a website, or a book, and get a kanji analysis, telling you the reading level of the book, building personalized study lists and more.

Please Report any bugs you find!

You can find me on Github, twitter or reddit.

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Credit to the KANJIDIC team for the kanji list/definitions.